Friday, July 8, 2011

Dr. James Walker, American Wind Energy Association: 100% RE by 2020

Dr James Walker is the past president of the American Wind Energy Association (see American Wind Energy Association: ).

Dr. James Walker, past president of the American Wind Energy Association, vice chair of enXco, Inc., and a sponsor of a 2,500 mile trans-US “trike” ride for “100% renewable energy by 2020” for the US citing wind power [industry's creation of 85,000 jobs in the last five years, as well as its cost competitiveness with coal] (2010): "The wind industry needs to support a crash program to responsibly deploy as much wind power as humanly possible between now and 2020."

[1]. “Environmental, business leaders support call for 100% U.S. Green Grid by 2020. 2,500-Mile "Ride for Renewables" Launched to Champion Green Energy "Moon Shot"”, PR Newswire, 13 September 2010: .

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